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About Us

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Our Company

Solaxon Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd has incorporated in 24th Jan 2020 have an office in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We serve Solar Roof-Top solution specially to industry and commercial sectors with a perspective to reduce their expense, to save money and resources. With our skills in operations research and management, we commit to deliver a quality service/product.
Currently operating 2.2MW operation & maintenance service in Uttarakhand (projects under SECI project). The inception was primarily to provide a quality of I&C work and the second to bring our best in operation and maintenance for the EPC players. We operate SPV projects across India for other Solar EPC players too.

Our Mission & Vision

To be known for the quality product, speed of execution and sales after service in solar industry. We want to merge technology with our services to ensure smooth operation and ease of interaction for end consumer.

To provide solar energy solutions and sustainable living for all. We discover the opportunities that will make a home or an organization more sustainable, competitive, profitable and hence, more valuable to society.

Reliable & Scalable

we believe that we are a well-established brand that has grown alongside the rapidly growing Indian solar market. We have proven to be a reliable developer with successful and expedient execution of our development pipeline. We believe we have become one of the largest solar system developers and operators in Uttarakhand.

Partner With SOLAXON

  • filter_dramaDelivering Value

    Get the maximum return on investment from your solar system. Solaxon as your ideal solar system integrator and energy management partner, you can reduce your overall electricity costs, get continuous power and modernize your business into a cleaner, greener and financially stronger future.

  • placeInnovative Solutions

    Solaxon are designed to provide maximum efficiency and solar electricity production. In addition to high performance and reliability with predictable savings, our solar power remote monitoring and smart energy management services ensure that you get total visibility and control over your electricity use.

  • whatshotExperience & Expertise

    Solaxon’s leadership team has experience in every aspect of the business and solar power project execution—from engineering and design, technology, manufacturing, finance, people and customer service. So you can be assured that you are partnering with the best.

  • whatshotExecution Certainty

    We have handled and successfully delivered a number of solar projects. With our learning from constructing and executing a number of solar power plants, we will meet your requirements, in addition will also deliver it right and on time.